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Episode 1
2 Broke Girls "Pilot"
US sitcom about the lives of two New York waitresses in their early twenties. Max finds herself helping out Caroline, a new restaurant employee who was once wealthy, but has been left penniless after her father was caught operating a fraudulent investment scheme. Max invites Caroline to be her roommate, but their new friendship is jeopardised when Maxs boyfriend flirts with Caroline.Recap:We meet Caroline and Max, two waitresses, that come from different social worlds. Caroline was rich and has been cut off, while Max has always been broke. Max decides that it is time to tell a customer how rude it is when someone snaps in their face to actually get their attention. The next day, Max finds out that the other waitress had been fired. She wants the extra money and can handle doing all of the waiting work, but he has already hired someone else. They work together and Caroline realizes that she really doesnt have a clue how to waitress.Caroline father is in jail and she has lost her trust fund. Throughout a rough night at work, Max continues to train her. The night ends and they decide that they are going to split their tips and while they do this Caroline decides that they should sell cupcakes for an extra overhead and keep that part of it. Max doesnt feel comfortable with that, but Caroline has already done that.They leave work and Caroline tells Max that she is going to be staying with her friend in the city. Max finds her sleeping in the subway and Max gets tazed. Max talks to Caroline and ends up bringing her home to her place and then goes to her nanny job. She talks to her boss at the nanny job and she tells her about the "Channing Situation". They were victims, but lost nothing. She is told how Caroline was affected due to it.Caroline is at Maxs washing her work uniform. Maxs boyfriend comes in and his name is Robby. The sink overflows and he takes his shirt off to get the water up, but he gets too close and Caroline ends up having to tell him to back off. Caroline and Max work together at the diner and Caroline tries to avoid Max. She ends up telling her that she really deserves better than that guy. Max instantly gets angry and leaves to go talk to Robby about it. When she gets there, there is another girl in their bed. She loses her cool completely and ends up flipping on him for not only cheating on her, but trying to do so with Caroline earlier.Max goes back to the diner and talks to Caroline. She apologizes to her and also thanks her for letting her know about him. Oleg hits on her and then they get ready to leave. Max tells Caroline that she could crash at her place if she needs a place. Caroline confides in her that she really just wants her horse back. She wants to start a bakery with Max. She thinks that they both should get two jobs and save up to do that, then she will be able to someday have everything she feels she needs.
Added on January 1, 2009
And the Breakup Scene
Episode 2
2 Broke Girls "And the Breakup Scene"
Thinking she is being helpful, Caroline facilitates Maxs breakup with Robbie.Recap:Max and Caroline are living with one another and they are going through some issues with boundaries. Caroline simply does not have any, while Max has many that Caroline needs to respect. Max has made amazingly delicious cupcakes and Caroline would really like to also have her name included on the product. Max is really not into that idea. Not only that, but Caroline thinks that Max is trying to hide her feelings about the Robbie situation from her. She thinks that she should be honest and open about it. Max is not the kind of girl that opens up easily, which of course instigates sarcasm and a serious attitude.Caroline is using Maxs bed to sleep in now, along with Max. She learns that Max sleeps with a knife. Robbie shows up in bed with the both of them, because he doesnt seem to get that they are broken up. He also talks about the fact that it would be fantastic if they could have a threesome, since theyre all there anyway. By trying to defend Max, Caroline ends up breaking up with Robbie. She gives him his belongings and tells him off. Max is not happy about this, because that is really all Max had. She wanted to give him his stuff back and tell him off with her quick wit and sharp tongue. She needed that closure and she wasnt given that.Due to the fact that Max was not happy about that, Caroline ends up doing the same thing to Max, because shes tired of the boundary issues and Max also used Carolines father as a weapon. Caroline leaves and inevitably comes back completely trashed and apologizes. Max apologizes to her for what she said and admits that she overreacted about the sign for the cupcake business.
Added on January 1, 2009
And Strokes of Goodwill...
Episode 3
2 Broke Girls "And Strokes of Goodwill"
A battle erupts over a shirt after Max introduces Caroline to shopping at thrift stores; a sarcastic street artist flirts with Max.Recap:Ding. Start out with an order up. Max quickly takes it over to her table and places her customers plates in front of them. Each customer at the table has a complaint about their order, and like a magician Max already has what they want. One customer says, I ordered mustard and mayonnaise on my sandwich. Max then pulls a packet of mustard and a packet of mayo out of her blouse. Another says Excuse me I believe I ordered a diet soda, and with that said Max reaches behind her back and reveals the diet soda she had hidden there. She tells her customers not to ever doubt her and she walks away.Max cashes out for the day and goes and sits down in a booth with Caroline, God I love money says Caroline. Max replies Yeah, I knowIm so sorry it broke up with you. Caroline now looking at her phone is upset she has lost a great deal of Facebook friends. Han Lee walking up to the girls in their booth stops and asks Max; why, she has not accepted his Facebook request yet. She apologizes and tells Han that she wont be his friend. Caroline seeing the sad look on Hans face interrupts and tells Han that she had accepted his friend request. Mr. Lee, very happily puts his hand on his heart and thanks Caroline. He then goes and sits down at the dining counter. A short time later he turns to Caroline and Max and tells Caroline, to check her Facebook wall. Caroline looks down at her phone and with a surprised look reads aloud Han Lee has tagged you in 25 photos. Carolines jaw drops and she looks over at Han, still sitting at the counter looking at them smiling. He frantically waves at Caroline. She sheepishly waves back, and Han gets up and walks away.Ready to leave for the night Max has her purse over her shoulder and Caroline complains that its too hot out, maybe the two of them could stay at the diner for the night. Their air conditioner is broken and its hot in their apartment. Oleg standing between them states that he has an air conditioner. He puffs out his cheeks and begins blowing on Caroline, then turns to Max and blows on her. Max tells him his breath smells like salami. He replies telling them that there is much more salami where that came from. As the girls walk towards the door, Caroline leans on the register counter and reaches down to her shoe. She tells Max that her feet hurt. Max tells her to buy Sketchers because shes a waitress now. Caroline, floored about her lower status refuses. Realizing she has no choice Max tells Caroline that they can go to a place where you can get awesome prices for name brand, expensive shoes and clothing. The girls walk out of the diner. Moments later the door opens and they walk into Good Will.The Good Will! Caroline exclaims as they step into the store, Welcome to my place! Max replies. As they stroll through the store Max tells Caroline about a blazer she hid in a night stand last week. They walk to the nightstand Max opens the drawer pulls out the blazer and says Clever bitch! bang! bang! She then throws the blazer into her basket. The pair continue to look through the clothes on the racks. As Max looks through the clothes she notices a concert tee shirt that she couldnt afford at the time. While reminiscing about that night Max had at that concert, a pair of women walk up to Max and Caroline. Two women with dark hair, one long brown hair and another very skinny, with black hair. The black haired woman tells Max very arrogantly that she likes that tee shirt and she had just walked away from the rack to tell her friend about it. Her friend was in the bathroom at the time and she wanted the tee shirt. Max explains to the brown haired women that they had turned their backs on theracks and were therefor under attack. Max and Caroline then continue to look through the store. When Caroline finds a pair of shorts she really likes. Max throws the basket, with the tee shirt in it to the side. She then walks over to Caroline to check out her newfound shorts. Right behind Max stands the long brown haired woman looking through clothes on the shelves right next to Maxs basket. Max and Caroline go to the register to check out when Max notices the tee shirt she wanted was no longer in her basket, she gets upset and leaves. Caroline pays for their clothes and meets Max in their apartment. Max is there talking to her horse Chestnut. Caroline dances and sings into the living room and tells Max to leave the Strokes Tee Shirt nonsense behind, she wants to have fun! Its their day off. Caroline wants to go get drunk in air conditioning. She believes her new awesome looking shorts will pay for their drinks.Caroline and Max walk into a barThe bartender looks at Max and tells her jokingly that he had told her dumb tragic ass out of here. Max without hesitation rebuts The only thing not tragic about me, is my ass. Max tells Caroline the bartenders name is Jpeg and he is a true street artist. Caroline states that he just looks like a bartender and the girls amused, get interrupted by Jpeg. The guys on the other side of the bar had bought them a drink. After taking her shot Caroline looks around and notices one of the girls from Good Will, it is the black haired punk girl. Caroline walks up to the black haired girl and tells her, that her friend really wanted the shirt and the brown haired woman has it. The woman with black hair stands right up and starts a fight with Caroline. Caroline attempts to walk away when the punk girl with the black hair pulls her hair twice. Jpeg then rushes over. Lifts Caroline up as if she weighed nothing and places her to the side so she can exit, the girls (Caroline and Max) walk home. Max makes fun of Caroline until Caroline tells Max she was just trying to protect her. Caroline then talks max into getting her nails done the next day.The next morning Max comes out of her room and takes Chestnut for a walk, shovelpooper scooper in hand. She asks Chestnut why Caroline would start a fight with a punk girl at the bar. She mockingly talks as if Chestnut is replying to her. You should kill her. Max laughed and tells chestnut not to say things like that. Chestnut then begins to go to the bathroom and Max is forced to shovel it up. At the diner Caroline walks up to max and yells at her for not showing up for their nails, she was upset because Max gave Caroline the impression she would show up and she did not. Max tells Caroline shes not a girls girl and she wouldnt be the kind of girlfriend that Caroline was used to. Caroline understands and walks into the diners dining room behind Max; Han stops her and asks her why there was so much horse crap in his dumpster. The trash company was charging him for it. Caroline didnt even realize but Max had been walking her horse for her; and cleaning up after it every day. Caroline asked Max why she had done it and Max informed Caroline that nobody else was going to do it for her. Caroline was very thankful, realizing that Max is a very good friend even if she is not the type of person she had been used to having as a friend. Just then the brown haired girl walks in with a very feminine looking man, assumed to be her boyfriend. Maxs heart drops and she dejectedly walks over to the brown haired girl now wearing her Strokes tee shirt, as she sits in her booth at the diner. Max goes over to her table and she; throws the menus down! She looks at the brown haired girl and tells her that her tee shirt would have looked better on her, but she doesnt want it now because its been dirtied just by wearing it. She accuses the brown haired girl of being a whore and tells her that her boyfriend is a closethomosexual. Max then walks back to the counter with Caroline. Caroline tells Max that she has to stand up for herself, she takes a bowl of Borsch off the counter and begins to walk towards the brown haired woman. As shes passing by she pretends to trip and spills the entire bowl, getting pink and red everywhere on the bright white tee. The brown haired woman gets mad and Caroline arrogantly apologizes and also states that her boyfriend is in the closet then she walks away. Max thanks her and they realize what kind of friendship they are going to have. Max then tells Caroline to run because the brown haired woman was now coming after them. They run into the back and have $500.25 saved.
Added on January 1, 2009