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Episode 10
Band Of Brothers "Points"
Easy Company enters the Bavarian town of Berchtesgaden, once home to Hitlers top officers. They find the town deserted and rush on to capture Hitlers famed "Eagles Nest" before the French can get there. Here they learn of the German armys surrender.Amid the celebrations, Winters brings his friend Cpt. Nixon to Herman Gorings house, where he presents a "gift" of Gorings impressive liquor collection. The company moves on to Austria, where they learn that those without enough "points", awarded for combat experience, will be sent to fight in the Pacific. Despite all that theyve been through, few of the men are eligible to go home.Winters and Nixon request an immediate transfer to a unit that is going to the Pacific, but they are denied. Winters continues to work to keep the men of his company out of harms way. Meanwhile, the troops are restless. Liebgott takes Webster to the home of a man he believes was a labor camp Commandant. Despite Websters concern about Liebgotts lack of proof, when the man tries to escape, he is killed. As the occupation of Zell Am See, Austria continues, one member of the company is killed in a car accident and another is shot in the head by a drunken soldier from another Company. As Winters explains in his narration, "They didnt have the points. What they did have were weapons, alcohol, and too much time on their hands". Thus, even after the official fighting was over, tragedies still occurred and some brave souls only made it home in a pine box. That said, the series ends with the happy news that the Japanese have surrendered, and the surviving men of Easy Company can return home.
Added on September 21, 2011