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Needle Point, Toy to the...
Episode 5
Beyond Belief Fact Or Fiction "Needle Point, Toy to the Rescue, Mystery Lock, The House on Baker Street & The Train"
"Needle Point" - A woman works for a terrible boss who can barely remember her name. One day, her boss get really frustrated with her, she makes a voodoo doll of the boss and at that same time, the boss is feeling pain in his arm."Toy To The Rescue" - A little boy loved his teddy bear, so much that he had a special bond with the bear. He had health problems and collapsed very often. After he died at the hospital, his sister brough him the teddy bear and he came back to life. "Mystery Lock" - Aunt Connie loves to have her grandson come over to her apartment. She has lived in there for 40 years and was a peaceful town until gangs took over. Aunt Connie gets a lock installed and the installer tells her that no body can break into these locks, its basically impossible. The lock wouldnt open to evil visitors. "The House on Baker Street" - A spirit seems to be haunting the house. One night, someone in a black jacket is pouring gasoline all over the home, the same neighbor that told the mother about the spirit calls the police, the police show up and the arsonist reveals her face, only this time, she was possessed by the spirit of the house."The Train" - The year is somewhere in the mid-1800s, An actor is riding a train when a man nearly gets run over, the actor save the mans life. The actor became friends with the man. The actor had links to President Lincoln. The man the actor saved is John Wilkes Booth (the man who assassinated Lincoln)!
Added on January 1, 1970