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The Wrestler, The Escape...
Episode 4
Beyond Belief Fact Or Fiction "The Wrestler, The Escape, Dead Friday, Ghost Visitor & The Lady in a Black Dress"
"The Wrestler" - A professional wrestlers last match turns out to be his best only to find out that he was wrestling a dead man for the last part of the match."The Escape" - A man escapes from prison through the laundry area only to arrive in another prisons laundry room which all happens on Friday the 13th."Dead Friday" - A young girl and her friend gets ready for a blind date. The young girl sees scary images on the television and freaks out. The images she saw came true and the two boys were killed in a train accident."Ghost Visitor" - The boss demands his employee (McDaniel) to have insurance claims completed and on his desk first thing in the morning. This causes McDaniel to work late in the office when strange things begin to happen. The boss returns looking for a file that ends up being with McDaniel. The boss sends McDaniel home and then strange things start happening to the boss. The file belong to a business man who died in a boating accident, however the boss made it look like suicide to avoid paying the mans family 2 million out of his business. When McDaniel returns to the office he accidentally scares the boss to death, believing him to be the ghost of the business man."The Lady in the Black Dress" - A woman thinks she sees her Aunt Lilian in a dress shop. The woman is hit by a car and sees her Aunt telling her she will not let her die alone.
Added on January 1, 1970
Bright Light, Magic Mighty...
Episode 6
Beyond Belief Fact Or Fiction "Bright Light, Magic Mighty Man, The Student, Scribbles & Count Mystery"
"Bright Light - A lost, scared women stops at a bar to review her map when Gunner, a local bar regular, approaches her offering to buy her coffee. She declines and carefully leaves to continue her travel. While on the road, Gunner drives behind her flashing his brights and honking and eventually pushes her off the road. Gunner draws his rifle and forces her out of the car. To her surprise, he then orders a rapist hiding in her back seat to get out and holds him until the cops arrive.Magic Mighty Man - Lenny Fields, a comedy writer, jogs in the park daily and meets a local bag lady named Gloria. While continuing his jog, two young guys mug him of his clothes and money and lock him in a cage. Gloria lets him out and lends him a costume to wear, which gives him super strength when the guys try to mug him again.The Student - A frustrated teacher questions her dream of teaching until a student named Rudy inspires her again in an essay he wrote. He soon ends up scaring her into moving out of the line of a drive-by shooting, which she finds out was the way he died years before.Scribbles - Earl Potter buys a life insurance policy before his pregnant wife gives birth. Four years later Earl has a heart attack and dies. A week later while the widowed wife and her sister Bonnie pack to move to Bonnies house, the son is drawing. Bonnie recognizes symbols in the drawings, which are short hand, which tell Marlene where to find the missing policy to claim the money.Count Mystery - One day, a little boy named Tanner wanders off and that night a local news crew reports the story. They remember another story about a horse with psychic abilities, which they decide to ask for help.
Added on January 1, 1970
The Mummy, The Perfect...
Episode 7
Beyond Belief Fact Or Fiction "The Mummy, The Perfect Record, Grave Sitting, Murder on the Second Floor & They Towed My Car"
"The Mummy"- A Museum displays a rare mummy only to discover a beautiful woman floating off the floor. The mummy turns out to be a woman that was murdered which matches the ghost seen in the museum."The Perfect Record"- A security guard is working on a perfect record while training a new guard. The new guard is an inside man there to rob the location of its computer secrets. All the lights at the location begin to explode and go on and off which attacks the police and keeps Vics perfect record intact."Grave Sitting"- A challenge is put up to spent two hours at the grave site of a serial killer. The girl is found dead and it is suspected that she was scared to death. "Murder On The Second Floor"- Witnesses see an 18 foot tall man murder another man on the second floor balcony. The detective can not seem to believe the stories but continues to investigate. He discovers that the murder victim was an abusive husband that killed his wife, who was once part of a circus family in Europe. The detective determined that her three circus brothers formed a human tower to get revenge. The detective couldve called them in, but figured the murder victim wasnt so innocent."They Towed My Car" - A man with a torn suit wanders the town repeating "They towed my car". No one in the town helps the stranger except a small boy named Reese. The man finds the car and requests that he needs to get something from the trunk. When the trunk is opened the body of the stranger is found in the trunk.
Added on January 1, 1970
Kirby, Dust, Malibu Cop...
Episode 8
Beyond Belief Fact Or Fiction "Kirby, Dust, Malibu Cop, A Joyful Noise & The Hooded Chair"
"Kirby" - Ted is a special effects expert, experimenting with his favorite creation, a mechanical gorilla named Kirby. However, his cruel boss, Harry, demands he finishes Kirby or Ted is fired. That night, Kirby receives a malfunction and attacks Harry, causing him to fall down the stairs and break his neck. The police and Ted find his body, while Ted finds Kirby had somehow moved across the room. But how could that happen if Ted removed Kirbys Driver Board?"Dust" - Two boys jog and help a young girl enter her home when she forgets to bring the key. One boy is hugely attracted to her. She never has any physical contanct with them, epecially when getting them lemonade. The next day they come the same house and discover it has been abandoned for 20 years since a girl commited suicide. They enter the house with a real estate agent, to find it dusty and full of webs and three sets of footprints and the imprints of three glasses on the table. What frightened them most is that one glass imprint and one trail of footprints disappear. "Malibu Cop" - A detective probes a difficult murder case, after so much stress he uncovers the culprit... himself! He shot a woman in his sleepwalking."A Joyful Noise" - A family is in a quire for a church and they were never late, the quire instructor told them to not be late tomorrow because it was a special day and they perform for the church. At 7:00 sharp they were supposed to go, all of a sudden, time goes faster than expected and all of a sudden its 7:20 and everyone rushes to church only to find it on fire, an explosion occurred at 7:00 or somewhere around there. The instructor quotes that God had saved their lives. "The Hooded Chair" - Art collector gets a chair that belonged to Napoleon himself. Everyone who sat on that chair died in a short time, including Napoleon, who sat on it before his lost a Waterloo. It had recently taken the lives of his maid and best friend. The night he attempted to destroy the chair, the collect
Added on January 1, 1970
Rock and Roll Ears, The...
Episode 9
Beyond Belief Fact Or Fiction "Rock and Roll Ears, The Bucket, The Bridesmaid, Voice from the Grave & The Chess Game"
"Rock and Roll Ears" - Lionel was a music shop owner, one day, these 2 teenagers come in the shop and suddenly, one of the teens try out a guitar and Lionel tries to out rock-and-roll him, he does. Lionel was nearly deaf so he could barely hear the music he was playing. At night, the two teens come back for revenge, this time, they have an amp about the size of their van. They turn the volume up until the windows break. Lionel suddenly claims that he can hear again and starts laughing while the two teens leave."The Bucket" - A young farm family receives their weekly milk shipment from Gus, their elderly neighbor. The following week after a storm, the empty milk bucket starts moving on its own and later the lid flies off twice. The husband takes the bucket to Gus Hobs farm and finds him suffering from a stroke"The Bridesmaid" - Lucy Robbins, always a bridesmaid, takes in her sister after the brother-in-law dies in a boat accident. Cory, Lucys new cyber boyfriend turns out to be Alan, her brother-in-law who actually has been suffering memory loss for the previous six months"Voice from the Grave" - A doctors wife starts channeling a nurse friend, who was murdered in the hospital boiler room. The cop and the wife (channeling the decreased Lisa) trick the guilty orderly into confessing."The Chess Game" - Two friends would always play chess and they would always fuss about everything. One day, one of the friends die. Then the other friend seems bored, his wife asks him to play a chess game, he accepts. All of a sudden, he smells "Old Rum", the same kind of cologne that his friend would use, then as the one friend plays his usual move, the chess piece moves the same way that his old friend was playing. Then after that, everything is back to normal.
Added on January 1, 1970
The Motorcycle, Blind...
Episode 10
Beyond Belief Fact Or Fiction "The Motorcycle, Blind Mans Dog, Deer Hunters, Tribal Curse & The Card Game"
"The Motorcycle" - Greg Hansen inherits his grandfathers horse ranch which has had all the horses sold off to pay medical bills except for his favorite "Nugget". Nugget helps locate an old motorcycle which Greg plans on selling to pay off some of the bills, but the motorcycle is worth more than a local dealer lends on.."Blind Mans Dog" - Lloyd Week and his guide dog "Buff" are encouraged to move out after Buff howls each time an hour before a tenet in their apartment building dies. The last howling will signal the end of the clairvoyance. "Deer Hunters" - Jed and a friend havent had luck finding deer to shot with their high-powered bows. Jed decides to trespass on the Indian reservation and finally sees and shots at a deer. The deer runs away and Jed is stopped by his friend from pursuing, due to the sound of drums playing. Driving back, they see the deer in the road and try to run it over, however Jed is killed in the accident and the friend and police officer cant find the deer."Tribal Curse" - Jason Reed, staying with a Brazilian tribe to write his thesis, falls in love with the chiefs granddaughter against the chiefs restrictions. When the chief dies, Jason violates the funeral practice and a crow chases him off a cliff."The Card Game" - Lucky runs a crooked card game in an old west theme bar. After Wally, the latest victim is cleaned out, a week goes by and a stranger and his dog come in for a game. The stranger and the dog take turns watching Lucky preventing him from cheating. Lucky loses hand after hand, while it feels like his neck is tightening up. After the old man cleans Lucky out, the camera pans up to reveal a picture of the old man and the dog. The picture is of Roy Bean, the hanging judge, from 1902.
Added on January 1, 1970
Bon Voyage, The Man in...
Episode 11
Beyond Belief Fact Or Fiction "Bon Voyage, The Man in the Model T, The Scoop, Angel on Board & Buenos Dias"
"Bon Voyage" - Charlie and Gwen Chandler are about an airship with close friends. Theyve been married 22 years, and never took their honeymoon the way they planned. They tell their friends that the morning, their rings somehow got stuck together. They had to call a jeweler to cut them free. They race to catch their boat, but theyre too late. Charlie says that it was the luckiest thing that happened to them, cause the ship they were set to depart on was the Lusitania, and 6 days later, it was sunk. The Chandlers and friends realize theyre about to land, but the airship they were on was the Hindenburg, and it exploded in flames, killing half the people on board"The Man in the Model T" - A woman and her daughter, Molly, are trying to sell some of their old items to raise money for the girls college. But no one seems interested in their stuff. Just then, an old man in a Model T shows up, wearing a yellow jacket, and calls himself Elmo Middleton. He sells Molly a chest for only $3, and disappears. She and her mother open it up, and to their amazement find out that the chest contained artifacts from the Titanic. Mollys mother then found an item belonging to Marlin Jurgins, Mollys great grandfather. He looked exactly like the man they saw earlier, and then realize that Elmo Middleton was Mollys great grandfather. "The Scoop" - Jack Hogan is a reporter with no story. His boss, Mr. Trapwell, tells him he can find a story anywhere. Staying after work, Jack takes a short nap, and has a very vivid dream about a volcanic eruption. He loved it so much he wrote about a island called Pralape that undergone a volcanic eruption so powerful it releases a strong tidal wave that killed many people. He finishes the story within an hour, but leaves it in the typewriter. When he tells his boss that the story was fake, Trapwell is furious, but then when he goes back to his office, reports of such a tidal wave against the coasts of Mexico and South America start coming in. He cal
Added on January 1, 1970
Merry-Go-Round, Red-Eyed...
Episode 12
Beyond Belief Fact Or Fiction "Merry-Go-Round, Red-Eyed Creature, Used Car Salesman, Surveillance Camera & Graffiti"
"Merry-go-round" - Penny and boyfriend George restore a carousel that is cursed in Florida. Ike, the operator who used to run the ride, stops by and insists the couple burn the carousel due to the curse. When the couple ignores him and puts on a promotion to stimulate business, the boyfriend is bitten by a snake hiding in the horses head and dies. "Red-eyed Creature" - A boy sees a creature in the shadows that had glowing red eyes. The parents didnt believe him but the nanny did for some reason. Later, the mother saw the creature as well and was scared. The nanny cheers the boy up and after she left, her eyes started glowing with the color red."Used Car Salesman"- Sonny Rhodes, a crooked car salesman sells cars to people, which are unsafe, and rips them off. One day, he sells a van with no brakes to Lenny Height, leader of a small four-man group called the Society Kings, who needed to get to Vegas for a show. Sometime later, his co-workers show him a newspaper showing their deaths when their van crashed because of the failed brakes, but he coldly dismisses it. That night, after Sonny is the last salesman left, as he closes up, three cars turn on and surround them. He thinks his co-workers are playing a joke on him. Then a fourth vehicle arrives, the same van he sold the society kings, and it runs Sonny over, killing him"Surveillance Camera" - Alec, an immigrant, takes over a convenience store and is saving up to bring his family to the U.S. Later that day, a robber holds him up and seems to know about Alecs savings in a cashbox. A few minutes later, two teenagers come in and rob him again. When the police review the surveillance tape, the first robber is not on the tape and the cashbox is back where Alec normally stores it, with the cash still in it. Two days later, one of the officers stops in and tells him, they caught the teenagers and they confessed to murdering the previous owner years ago, who was also the first robber. "Graffiti"- In 1941, Harvey B
Added on January 1, 1970
The Warning, Bus Stop,...
Episode 13
Beyond Belief Fact Or Fiction "The Warning, Bus Stop, The Cure, The Guardian & The Gift"
"The Warning" - A couple goes into a hotel when the husband sees a man pushing a casket. Rob and his wife split up to look for the seminar room and he instead finds the casket and the casket salesman he saw earlier. The couple leaves and heads to the elevator to go downstairs. The salesman is on the elevator and Rob is afraid of him, not realizing his wife cant see the man. The husband wants to take the stairs, when all of a sudden the elevator and all its passengers fall to their deaths. The salesman had saved the couples lives even though he was never found. "Bus Stop" - Jerry Wright stops next to a bus stop and meets Terry and gives her a ride home. The next day he gets enough confidence to look for her to ask her out and meets her younger sister, Laura, who invites him inside. While looking at the pictures on the mantel, Laura recounts when Terry died almost eight years ago and Jerry pays dumb initially. After introducing himself, Laura tells him that Terry promised to send her Mr. Right to look after her. Jerry confesses about the previous day and they get married a year later. "The Cure" - Kyle Jarvis, a struggling pre-med student, works part-time as a waiter and is involved with Tammy, the wealthy daughter of a captain of industry. Tammy is afraid of what her parents think of Kyle and he is concerned that Tammy is ashamed to introduce him to her parents. While waiting tables, a man has a heart attack and Kyle gives CPR and saves his life. Soon after the mans daughter arrives and it is Tammy!"The Guardian" - Mark and Danny, his younger brother, come from a very religious mother. Mark loves basketball and shots hoops and watches Big Al, a former high school star play in the afternoon at the Clayton Street Park after school. On night, Mark decides to stay later at the park and is harassed by a couple of gang members. However, Big Al shows up and scares the bullies away. The next day when Mark tries to thank Al, he insists he wasn
Added on January 1, 1970