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One Sweet & Sour Chinese...
Episode 1
Bill And Teds Excellent Adventures "One Sweet & Sour Chinese AdventureTo Go"
Bill & Ted are rehearsing in Bills garage when their loud music knocks Missys "brand-new antique" Chinese vase off its shelf. Desperate to replace the broken vase before Missy gets home, the dudes travel back to Ancient China in search of an authentic substitute. Once in China they are arrested for causing a mess in a vase store (called 1000 Vases of Dr. Lao - a joke relating to the cult movie classic The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao) and are sentenced to building the Great Wall of China (a couple of days work - which falls down as soon as they are released). Unaware that their phone booth, which was parked in a tow away zone, has been taken to Kublai Khans palace, the dudes stop at Oodles of Noodles for some lunch. Rufus slips them a note via fortune cookie to let them know about their booth, and they have to explain the concept of Chinese take-out to the waitress named Kitten Kaboodles, who offers them a free vase which is exactly like Missys. On their way to the palace they are shanghaied and taken aboard Marco Polos ship, which is for the best because Kublai Khan had given Marco Polo the phone booth (claiming it would take four photos for a dollar except it was broken) as a going away gift. Bill & Ted find themselves put to work swabbing the deck and later painting the ship. Not appreciating the wild paint job the dudes do on his ship, he makes them walk the plank (and a shark ends up eating their vase), but through a wild series of mishaps they all end up taking the booth back to Italy when the ship sinks. In Italy, Marco Polo reports back to his boss, who is angry when he finds out Marco Polo forgot the rice. Bill and Ted offer the man their take out noodles instead, which he likes so much he decides to rename them (his dog Spaghetti eventually providing the inspiration). Marco Polo sees Bill and Ted off, both of whom are disappointed they didnt get a vase, until Marco offers them one of the free vases he got from the same Chinese restaurant. Upon retur
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The Birth of Rock & Roll...
Episode 2
Bill And Teds Excellent Adventures "The Birth of Rock & Roll or Too Hip for the Womb"
Bill and Ted are in danger of flunking their Music Appreciation class most heinously (they identify the William Tell Overture as the theme song to The Lone Ranger) unless they write an essay on classical music by the next morning. They head to the San Dimas Mall to do some research but arent able to relate since none of the old time dudes played electric guitar. Rufus shows up, unable to assist them, but with clearance to say three words, "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart". The dudes travel back to Salzburg, Austria, to ask Mozart for help with their report, but accidentally go back too far and end up babysitting the way juvenile pre-composer instead. Intending to take Mozart into the future in hopes hell relate to Deacon, the trio is waylaid when Wolfie needs to make a pitstop and they end up in Macon, Georgia in the 50s where Wolfies pranks inadvertently gets a young dishwasher named Richard Penneman fired from his job. Bill & Ted recognize the unemployed man as Little Richard and encourage him to pursue a future in recording, helping him along by paying him to babysit Mozart while they search for another composer to help with their report. In search of William Tell (who wrote that most outstanding overture) the dudes venture to Switzerland, and after a harrowing slide down the Matterhorn in their phone booth, they run afoul of the egregious authority figure whos obsessed with the beauty of his own hat, which they cause to land in some mud, and are thrown into prison. In the meantime, Little Richard books a recording studio to record his first demo and with the help of an intrigued little Mozart, comes up with a whole new style of music destined to take the world by storm. Meanwhile, during their incarceration Bill & Ted briefly meet William Tell, who simply informs them he hates music before making his escape. Facing a lengthy prison sentence, the dudes plead to have an alternative punishment, and are told if one can shoot an arrow of the other ones head th
Added on January 1, 1970
A Most Excellent Roman...
Episode 3
Bill And Teds Excellent Adventures "A Most Excellent Roman Holiday"
Bill and Ted are called to Vice Principal Ryans office for a meeting with their parents after they sign up for spring term classes . . . choosing only Study Hall and Girls P.E. There they learn they are to take a series of most egregiously tough classes, including Latin! They are horrified to learn that the Latin class is made up entirely of dweebs, and that their first assignment is to decipher the Latin on a rare ancient Roman coin minted for only one day in the realm of Julius Caesar. Conferring at the Circle K, they decide to go back to when the coin was made to find one. Accidentally they find themselves in Latin America instead, in the midst of an Incan rain dance ceremony. They are mistaken for rain gods and given a sumptuous banquet. All is well until they are called upon to make it rain, and when they cant the Incans attempt to boil them in oil as a sacrifice to their Sun God. The Three Most Important People send Rufus to their aid, but before he arrives the dudes are able to escape by talking the Incans into letting them make one phone call. As Bill & Ted head to Ancient Rome, Rufus finds himself the new target of the Incans sacrifice (luckily he is later saved by the Three Most Important People). After a close call landing in the middle of a fight between two gladiators, Bill & Ted decide the best way to get the coin they need is by working for it. They are hired by a woman who needs help catering Caesars tailgate party. They find themselves in the palace of Julius Caesar and unwittingly become the scapegoats for two evil Romans plotting to do away with Caesar by poisoning his grape juice. Spilling food on Caesar, Bill accidentally rips the mans robe trying to clean it, but the new ripped style catches on with those in attendance, leading to the first toga party. As the dudes attempt to serve Caesar his grape juice, the emperor calls for a food taster (picking out Rufus, who is in disguise as a partying Roman). It is discovered the drin
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Model T for Ted
Episode 4
Bill And Teds Excellent Adventures "Model T for Ted"
After Detective Logan manages to survive Teds 41st (and last) driving lesson in his dads most macho squad car, Bill expects Ted to drive them down to the record store to pick up the new Iron Maiden CD. Borrowing Detective Logans Classic 1973 Plymouth Duster named "Blue Betty", and with Rufus along as their licensed driver (he shows up to take their phone booth in for its 20,000 Year Checkup) they end up stalled in the middle of an intersection and blocking traffic. Leaving Rufus to try to fix the car, the dudes go back in time to try to find someone to help them. Dialing in Plymouth they end up at Plymouth Rock when the Pilgrims have just landed. Caught between the fighting Pilgrims and Indians, they offer to cook them dinner to help them come together. They are told to cook a baby turkey, but unable to harm the little creature they instead serve up cherry, cranberry, corn, squash and trout Frosty Slushes then Chicago-style pizza, which land them in the stocks. They are freed by a Native American wanting their trout Frosty Slush recipe and again attempt to use the booth to continue their quest, but the booth goes out of control because of not being serviced and they end up on the ship of Sir Frances Drake, who is being attacked by the infamous Pirate OMalley. When the ship is boarded by the pirates, it turns out Pirate OMalley is a woman, and Bill & Ted point out she doesnt have a parrot on her shoulder and offer her the baby turkey they rescued earlier. It is then disclosed that OMalley wasnt attacking Drake to rob him, she simply wanted him to join her bowling league (the cannonballs were actually bowling balls). Returning to San Dimas, the dudes find Rufus being arrested by Teds dad for stealing and tearing apart his car. Overhearing Teds Dad saying it would take a Henry Ford to put the car back together, they attempt to travel to Detroit in 1903, but accidentally end up in Dayton, Ohio, where they meet the Wright Brothers. The brothers are
Added on January 1, 1970
The More Heinous They...
Episode 5
Bill And Teds Excellent Adventures "The More Heinous They Are, the Harder They Fall"
Ted is practicing guitar in his room when a most odious aroma assails his noseholes. He finds his little brother, Deacon, in the backyard turning on the water hose to wash himself off. Deacon relates how Killer Gabron, a bully at school, threw him into a garbage can. Ted decides to try helping Deacon deal with his bully problem. He finds Bill playing video games at the Kozy Korner and as they ponder the situation Rufus appears briefly (in the video game) to tell them they need to figure out what to do themselves. They decide to go back into history and find a most heinous bully to take care of Deacons bully. They first visit Henry VIII, but he cannot help them because he has a date with Ann Bolin, so he suggests they try Ivan the Terrible. They go to Russia to seek out Mr. Terrible, only to find that in reality hes a major dweeb (his fierceness, he explains, is all image). They next head to South Dakota to seek out Calamity Jane, who they find, true to her name, makes calamities happen wherever she goes. She agrees to go with them, but her awesome talent of destruction sabotages their booth, so they push her out before they spiral out of control through time. They pop up into the silver shop of Paul Revere. When Bill accidentally knocks over the Liberty Bell, causing it to crack, Paul Revere mistakes the dudes for British spies. Escaping from the shop, the dudes duck onto a ship where they are put to work unloading a shipment of British tea. They accidentally drop two crates of tea into Boston Harbor, which inspires some revolutionists (who just happen to be dressed like Indians for a costume party) to stand up to their oppressors and dump all of the tea into the harbor. Bill & Ted are heralded as the leaders of the American Revolution. They ask if anyone can help them fix their phone booth, and Benjamin Franklin volunteers, using a kite to channel lightning into the booth. The revolutionists ask Bill & Ted to stay and help them. Ted makes a speec
Added on January 1, 1970
Birds of a Feather Stick...
Episode 6
Bill And Teds Excellent Adventures "Birds of a Feather Stick to the Roof of Your Mouth"
Bill & Ted agree to housesit for Bills neighbor, an eccentric explorer and bird expert named Mr. Stickler. They are instructed to make sure Mr. Sticklers cat, Max, stays out of the house to protect Prince Rupurt the III, his prized African buff-headed wood hoopoe. Unfortunately, no sooner does Mr. Stickler leave than the dudes find out they accidentally left the door open and Max has already made a snack of the rare bird. Realizing they need to find a replacement bird, they look up "bird" in the Circuits of Time directory and end up in Antarctica with explorer, Admiral Byrd. Having landed on his sleigh dogs kennels, the dudes must rebuild them before going with Admiral Byrd, which they do by making it out of ice, igloo style. Unfortunately they are not in time to fly with Admiral Byrd and start out after him on dogsled. They meet up shortly afterward to find all their compasses going crazy, and Byrd announces they have discovered the South Pole. Unfortunately for the dudes, there are no birds around except penguins, so they continue their search through time. They land in Egypt where they are put to work on the Pharaohs tomb. They accidentally cause a giant block to drop on the Pharaohs barge and are brought before King Tut for punishment. Seeing they are about to use a large tablet to write upon, Ted suggests they use one of Prince Ruperts feathers and some of Nefertitis eye makeup, showing them how to write with a pen and paper. Impressed by this, King Tut gives Bill & Ted the honor of immortalizing his face in stone. They proceed to build the Sphinx for him. Unfortunately, they make the nose so large it falls off. Infuriated, King Tut sends his guards after the dudes and they are only able to escape after Rufus intervenes, distracting the guards with the second booth. They next travel to Africa where they end up on the boat of Henry Stanley, newspaperman, and his monkey companion, Jane, who are searching for explorer Dr. Livingston. He poin
Added on January 1, 1970
A Black Night in San Dimas...
Episode 7
Bill And Teds Excellent Adventures "A Black Night in San Dimas"
Bill & Ted are rehearsing for Wyld Stallyns to play at the school dance (no one else tried out). They arrive late at school and accidentally slip into the girls health class during a movie and are caught by Miss Spleen, who reprimands them for being late for her math class and forgetting homework and threatens to have them expelled and kept from playing at the school dance. Later at the Kozy Korner, Ted purchases a blue Frosty Slush in a silver collectors cup before the dudes head back in time to pick up the Princess Babes to sing with the band at the dance. They accidentally end up in the middle of the Crusades where they run afoul of Saladin. He is ready to arrest them until he spots Teds silver collectors cup and believes it to be the Silver Chalice. Just then the Black Knight bursts in and steals the Silver Chalice for himself. Believing Bill & Ted crossed them, Saladins men start after them but they are able to escape in the booth. They arrive in England just as the Black Knight returns from the Crusades with the Silver Chalice as a gift for the king, who offers the Knight one of his daughters in marriage as a reward. Determined to save the babes, Bill & Ted infiltrate the castle and dress as jesters to entertain at a banquet. Their feeble attempts at juggling and magic acts tips off the Black Knight, who announces they are there to steal the Silver Chalice. The dudes manage to get away and sneak into the rooms of the Princess babes, where the Black Knight shows up and demands Joannas hand in marriage. At the wedding, the princesses are saved when Rufus disguises himself as Joanna long enough to allow the dudes and babes to escape. Chasing after them, the Black Knight is sucked into the time circuit and swept along to San Dimas with them. At Teds house the Black Knight lands on the roof and crashes down through the chimney. They keep him in a state of unconsciousness by playing Lawrence Welk polka classics for him. Bill & Ted leave Deacon
Added on January 1, 1970
Pocket Watch Full of Miracles...
Episode 8
Bill And Teds Excellent Adventures "Pocket Watch Full of Miracles"
Bill is sleeping soundly on a Saturday morning when Missy wakes him up, asking him to go buy a present for Mr. Prestons surprise birthday party. She had found an antique pocket watch just like the one Mr. Preston always talked about losing as a child. Instead Bill rehearses with Ted in the garage, and when they blow an amp they decide to use the money to buy themselves a new amplifier, thinking they can simply go back in time and get the watch before Bills dad loses it instead. However in the excitement of getting a new amp, they forget to get the watch. Unable to find a listing for Bills dad, they call the Circuits of Time operator and get Rufus, who is working the switchboard. Rufus explains they are not allowed to go back into their own pasts for fear they might accidentally mess something up. Instead Ted calls Bills dad and pretends hes a contest representative and says Mr. Preston will win a bevy of fabulous prizes if he can remember his phone number from when he was ten. Having what might be the number, they dial back to San Francisco, 1956, landing on the cable car tracks. They mistake a hip kid for Bills dad and follow him into a beatnik club, where they are scared off by the kids mean-looking dad. Riding the cable car back to their booth, the realize they are sitting next to Bills dad, and when they get off the cable car a man tries to steal the kids watch, but Bill & Ted intervene, giving the watch back to Bills dad. Unfortunately, he unknowingly drops it again and it rolls down a hill and gets run over by a cable car. Bill & Ted then travel to Big Bend, West Virginia, since Bills dad had said it was an antique railroad pocket watch. They land on the private train of the railroad boss and find out the man owns the watch they are looking for. Thrown off the train, they are caught by John Henry. The boss man is introducing a new steam drill which will take over the work of his men. John Henry offers to take on the boss mans new mac
Added on January 1, 1970
This Babe Ruth Babe is...
Episode 9
Bill And Teds Excellent Adventures "This Babe Ruth Babe is a Dude, Dude"
Bill and Ted are heading to school, admiring their new pump sneakers which they have for gym class. They notice Rufus going into the bowling alley nearby to rent all the shoes they have to deliver to the Yankee soldiers who have missed a shipment of shoes. Bill & Ted offer their own pump sneakers to the cause as well. In gym class, they anger Coach Sweatsocks when they run through the hurdles instead of over them and do not have their shoes. He punishes them to polish his trophies, including his autographed Babe Ruth baseball. They accidentally drop the Babe Ruth baseball into some water, which washes off the signature. Seeking Babe Ruth, whom Coach Sweatsocks said was a famous Yankee, and remembering Rufus was delivering shoes to Yankee soldiers, they head back to the Civil War where the only reference to baseball they can find is a guy named Abner Doubleday, who is perfecting the idea of the game. Bill & Ted get involved in a ball game between the Yankees and Confederates, where they offer suggestions on how to improve the game (such as only having four bases and using a baseball instead of cannonballs). Unfortunately they only manage to lose the baseball itself. Getting into their booth to escape they discover a woman hiding inside, who introduces herself as Harriet Tubman, who was leading a group of escaped slaves to the North. Her short travel in the Circuits in Time inspires her to build an underground railroad. Bill & Ted continue on, landing in Transylvania. Their booth is accidentally taken by a hunchbacked man who works for "The Count". Bill and Ted are then captured by a mob of angry villagers, who want to drown them for being cousins of Count Dracula. Rufus arrives to give the dudes back their shoes, and helps them escape from their captors. They head to the castle to retrieve their phone booth and find an irate Dracula angry because he cant get any sleep in the new "coffin", which is the boys ringing phone booth. The dudes pose as coffi
Added on January 1, 1970
When the Going Gets Tough...
Episode 10
Bill And Teds Excellent Adventures "When the Going Gets Tough Bill & Ted are History"
Bill & Ted give a free Wyld Stallyns concert in the park, only to be totally walked out on. This depresses them to the point they decide not to continue trying to be musicians. In the future San Dimas, the Three Most Important People summon Rufus and explain what has happened, saying that their future is on shaky ground. If Bill & Ted do not continue to try to create their music, life as they know it will cease to happen and time has started running backwards. They tell Rufus that he must not tell them about what is happening to the future, he must instead show them that they need to keep trying. Rufus drops in on the dudes, slightly younger and his hair longer. He realizes that he will continue to get younger until Bill & Ted decide to go back to music, and so he asks them to help him with an unspecific problem, giving them an itinerary they are supposed to follow. Their first stop is at Thomas Edisons laboratory. They find Edison trying to perfect his phonograph, but having no luck. Bill & Ted encourage Edison not to give up, and Ted accidentally knocks one of the inventors stale pancakes (he hadnt felt like eating in a while), which inspires Edison to pound his cylinder flat and make a record instead. Returning to the booth, they find Rufus has turned into a geeky teenager. They continue to follow the itinerary Rufus gave them and end up in the workshop of Leonardo DaVinci, who is working on his spiny-winged-up-and-down-flying-thingy without much success. Rufus turns nine years old and starts running amok in the inventors workplace. Young Rufus insists he can build Leonardos flying thingy and proceeds to make one out of the phone booth. It succeeds in flying, for a little bit, but it inspires Leonardo to keep trying. Not sure theyre reading their next destination correctly, they take a chance and end up in the lab of Joseph Priestley, who had just discovered how to carbonate water. Rufus becomes an even younger kid and starts mixing chemical
Added on January 1, 1970
Never the Twain Shall...
Episode 11
Bill And Teds Excellent Adventures "Never the Twain Shall Meet"
Bill & Ted face the most heinous event of their lives when Mr. Ryan announces they are expelled. Terrified of what Teds dad will do to him, the dudes ask for a second chance. Mr. Ryan says that if they can line up someone incredible for tomorrows Career Day they may have a chance to stay in school. At the Kozy Korner they try to decide who to get to speak. Remembering the statuettes on Mr. Ryans desk, they go in search of Shakespeare and Mark Twain. They arrive in England to find Shakespeares newest play, Romeo and Juliet, about to open. When they buy tickets with U.S. money they are considered crooks and chased by ushers. They accidentally end up on the stage where the confuse the theater goers, who begin throwing vegetables. Overhearing Shakespeare lamenting over what he chose to be, they urge him to "Be what you want to be . . . or not. Whatever." Bill & Ted reach their booth and travel to Sacramento, California, where their booth lands in one of the flumes at Sutters Mill. John Sutter insists that the boys are going to work in his mine until theyve paid for the damage to his flume. Finding they arent making much progress with mining, Bill & Ted instead revert the flume into the first waterslide and charge other miners admission to ride. Getting back into their booth, they find it to be full of frogs from the river they had been working in. Bill & Ted try again to find Mark Twain, but only see a listing for Samuel Clemmons and travel to the Mississippi River where they land on a riverboat, releasing the frogs to run amok on the boat. They find the captain, Samuel Clemmons, yelling out "mark twain" (two fathoms) and try to ask him where Mr. Mark Twain is. Unfortunately the frogs cause such a commotion and Samuel Clemmons gets fired from what he says is yet another job (hed been through many careers already). Bill & Ted play leapfrog to lure the frogs into one room and in deciding what to do with the creatures they get the idea to hold race
Added on January 1, 1970
A Job a Job My Kingdom...
Episode 12
Bill And Teds Excellent Adventures "A Job a Job My Kingdom for a Job"
Bill & Teds fathers make it clear that they are not getting any more advances on their allowances, leaving the dudes with a most serious low cash flow crisis. Rufus meets them at the Kozy Korner where he shows them a Wyld Stallyns hologram which has suffered an electrical glitch and wiped out the sound and hes been sent back to find out what song it is. The dudes want to rehearse but realize that they need money and have to find part time jobs. They apply for work in the food court at the San Dimas Mall, only to find they have no past experience to put on their applications. They decide to go to France to study food and land at the palace of Marie Antoinette, who is in tears because her chefs have quit and there is no one to bake her birthday cake. Bill & Ted offer to bake the cake in exchange for a recommendation. Outside they find Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier working on blowing up their hot air balloon and ask if they can borrow their fire to bake their cake. The balloon gets away from them and snatches up their phone booth, taking Bill, Ted and Marie Antoinette on a ride. Seeing the masses of people below, Marie thinks they are an admiring crowd and throws them some of her birthday cake, saying "Let them eat cake!" She writes a recommendation in the frosting of the cake and they head on to their next destination. They land in Venice, Italy, where they get jobs as gondola taxi hacks. Their first passenger is Lucrezia Borga, who is running away from her father to meet with her secret lover, who chases after them. When their gondola is swamped by a larger boat, they escape by using the phone booth as their gondola instead. Lucrizia asks Bill & Ted to sing her message to her lover, Antonio, and he comes down to meet her. Her father finds them and chases after the dudes again, who disguise themselves as fish mongers to escape. Lucrizia is grateful to them for helping her escape from her father and gives them a recommendation as well. They next trav
Added on January 1, 1970
A Grimm Story of an Overdue...
Episode 13
Bill And Teds Excellent Adventures "A Grimm Story of an Overdue Book"
Bill & Ted are getting ready to climb aboard the school bus heading for an excellent school ski trip when Rufus drops in and asks if they would attend Be Excellent to Each Other Day in the future, but they decline, telling him about their ski trip. Before they can board the bus, however, a Bookmobile with flashing lights pulls up and they find themselves facing Sgt. Joe Donaldson of the library police. He informs Ted that he is the librarys Most Wanted fugitive for not returning the librarys copy of Little Red Riding Hood which he checked out when he was six, and that he now owes $35,000 in back library fines. Asking if they can at least make one phone call, they escape to their booth and decide to find the Grimm Brothers to obtain a copy of the book. They find the two authorities on grammar being evicted from their home for not paying their rent. Brother Jacob decides he might want to try his hand at writing folk tales, while Brother Wilhelm says its silly. Bill & Ted realize they must stick with the brothers until they write their stories. They help the Brothers escape from the law and take them through time. Landing at Valley Forge, they end up getting to ski after all, running down George Washington. The Brothers Grimm are sent to the brig, Bill & Ted are made lieutenants, and Washington buys a portrait which Rufus was doing of him nearby (he buys the painting from Rufus for a dollar). Washington instructs Bill & Ted to come up with something for his last seven soldiers to eat, but isnt impressed with their snow cones and plain frosty slushes. The cold treats make Washington sneeze, causing an avalanche which clears a path and allows Martha Washington to be able to get through with some food, covered with snow (this inspires Jacob to think up Snow White and the Seven Soldiers). Bill & Ted and the Brothers Grimm manage to escape in their booth to Tennessee where they find themselves in a forest facing an angry bear. In their escape they run into
Added on January 1, 1970