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Intelligence The Movie
Episode 1
Intelligence "Intelligence The Movie"
The Vancouver based Organized Crime Unit (OCU) is a multi-jurisdictional investigative organization that has been surveilling Jimmy Reardon, a well known criminal. As the head of a third generation West Coast Canadian crime family, Reardon oversees a vast criminal organization, including a good portion of the marijuana seed grow and smuggling operations around British Columbia. He has a growing suspicion that he and his operations are under watch. Hes not sure by who, but hes determined to find out...The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) requires the immediate development of a human asset network in order to be a greater force in national and global intelligence. The OCU head Mary Spencer has been seconded by the CSIS to recruit informers. She goes about collecting OCU top informant files with the aspiration to land a top job with the spy service at the dismay of Ted Allan, Marys immediate underling.Ted believes that Mary and CSIS are poaching his best informants, but he also sees this as an opportunity to get rid of her. Ted is heading the Jimmy Reardon surveillance and has resorted to some questionable tactics to nail Jimmy; Ted knows a major bust like Reardon will help make his own ascension in the ranks, the top OCU job.When a briefcase containing files revealing the OCUs top informants and investigations is stolen from Teds car, the intelligence agencys existence, the lives of the informants, and Teds job are all at risk.The files come into the hands of Jimmy Reardon, who uses them to negotiate with MARY. Jimmy wants information and immunity from prosecution if he returns the briefcase. While Mary scrambles to accommodate Jimmy Reardons demands, Ted works against it, arranging with an informant to undermine the whole deal.
Added on September 21, 2011