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Hidden Agendas
Episode 7
Sea Patrol "Hidden Agendas"
The loneliness of a Navy wife impacts on the Hammersley when one crew member considers applying for a desk job rather than jeopardise his marriage.The normally affable Swain (Matthew Holmes) believes his wife has left him. His distress is only relieved by a mission he makes his own to save the life of a Samaruan child.The Hammersley crew is on Samaru as part of a peace keeping exercise, when a gun amnesty is disrupted by a burst of machine gun fire, courtesy of an endearing local boy, Saka (Patrick Jhanur).Saka says he found the brand new gun in the jungle, but when tests reveal it is part of a shipment stolen in Australia, his life is endangered.An earlier encounter with the mysterious cruiser they have seen before convinces Mike Flynn (Ian Stenlake) that foreign mercenaries are running guns to the insurgents on Samaru, and his problems increase when he and Swain witness Sakas kidnapping.Everyones best laid plans to grab a bit of much needed R and R are in disarray.A fishing trip arranged to distract Swain is sidetracked by news of the boys whereabouts, and a somber faced Mike watches as Kate (Lisa McCune) and SAS Captain Jim Roth (Ditch Davey) head off on a date.Jim has found an idyllic island paradise for their romantic interlude, but it is interrupted by the discovery of a camp occupied by tough looking mercenaries and the kidnapped Saka.Although Jim wants to return to Hammersley for back-up, Kate refuses to leave the child and after an ingenious rescue, a headlong dash for safety follows.
Added on September 21, 2011