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All Monsters Attack
Episode 1
Ultraman (1966) "All Monsters Attack"
Two giant monsters Zazahn, and Takkong rise from the sea fighting eachother destroying each other several city blocks in Tokyo. MAT (Monster Attack Team) is called into action to quell the kaiju assault. During the attack, A boy named Jiro Sakata ran to the car company to tell his older siblings that monsters were attacking, & ran off to them, with a race car driver Hideki Goh ran off to chase after him. Jiro went through the police to get them, and Goh got him to safety. Zazahn died with Takkong remaining. MAT landed to ground when a mother told the team that her son Hiroshi went to the top of the building to release the birds out of their cages. Oka was about to go in, but Goh went to the building to help Hiroshi release the birds, and got back down stairs until they noticed a dog chained in, so Goh went back in, & released the dog. Takkong crushed the building and collapsed on Go covering the dog, and Hiroshi. Then a light flashed with Takkong retreating back into the ocean.Hiroshi went to get help until Goh fainted.The doctors took him to the hospital for treatment. Aki Sakata Jiros older sister, MAT, & Hiroshi, & his mother hoping the hospital.They but a mask on him connected to a chamber of water to know hes breathing, and gave him a needle. Ken Sakata the oldest in the family arrived to tell Goh that the Race car the Shooting Star was finished. The buddies in the chamber stopped witch mean he died. The Sakata siblings went in the room with the Shooting Star. They put flowers, a photo, & a race car toy in, & Ken poured oil on the car, & burned it to say farewell. Back at the hospital a light appeared revealing the new hero Ultraman who was impressed of Gohs courageous act that he saved a dog, and a boy if it cost his life. He merged inside Gohs body, & he was revived seeing that he was in the hospital,even surpising a nurse. MAT got a call from the hospital to hear that Goh was back to life. Goh returned to the Car Company seeing that the Shooting Star was
Added on January 1, 1970