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Episode 1
Wire In The Blood "Redemption"
Tony suspects a serial killer is luring dejected children to their deaths when the bodies of three young boys are found in different places in Bradfield. Each of the victims had suffered maltreatment. As it becomes more obvious that these victims are being placed at very specific sites, Tony comes to realize that the killer is trying to tell police something about their past.When a child is found in a deserted warehouse, dead through an overdose of sedatives, nobody knows whether its suicide or murder. Carol calls Tony in to advise, then a mugging leaves her in hospital. Her new boss Eden puts Kevin in charge of the case. As two more missing children are found dead in different locations, it becomes apparent that these victims are being placed at very specific sites. Tony realises that the killer is trying to tell police something about their past.Tonys deduction that the killer is luring unhappy children into trust focuses suspicion on local minister Michael, whom Tony suspects of abusing a young acolyte, Julie. But even when Michael is arrested the murders continue, and Tony begins to suspect that these are crimes of love and loyalty - a killer who believes they are righting wrongs and continuing work begun in the past.Now, with Michaels Christian website at the centre of the investigation, Tony must pose as a young victim to save the latest abducted boy. Carol must trust Tony, the killer must believe Tony, and Tony must trust Julie as he enlists her help to ensnare a murderer who believes they are alleviating suffering even as they kill.
Added on September 21, 2011
Bad Seed
Episode 2
Wire In The Blood "Bad Seed"
When a series of vicious murders sends the town reeling, Tony becomes consumed with the notion that they are the work of killer William Mack the Knife MacAdam. Newly-released back into society after being educated during his long sentence, MacAdam is now enrolled as a Ph.D. student in Tonys university class and seems overly keen to take his place as media pundit on serial killer cases. Tonys torment is worsened when he clashes with Carol over her desire to have a baby before it is too late. But could fertility be the key to solving the crimes?A husband and wife are brutally murdered in their beds. A woman is killed as she lies sleeping in the afternoon. A prostitute is discovered dead in the local canal. Worryingly for Tony, the killings bear the same MO as those of newly-released killer Mack the Knife MacAdam, now reformed, re-educated and with a new identity - and enrolled as a PhD pupil in Tonys class. Investigations reveal a tangled web of personal relationships between the victims but none of it makes sense. Tony is tormented by the notion that Mack is the murderer, a belief strengthened by Macks sardonic needling and his apparent desire to supplant Tony in the public eye.Meanwhile Carol has her own problems: her biological clock isnt so much ticking as ringing, and she needs to find someone to father a child. Her personal crisis causes friction with Tony - is she inviting him in or shutting him out?It dawns on Tony that the killer shares some of Carols obsession with fertility. But the death of somebody close to Tony combined with Macks renaissance as media pundit about the crimes spur Tony into a moral crisis. Can he and Carol achieve the self-knowledge required to solve this case?
Added on September 21, 2011
Nothing But The Night
Episode 3
Wire In The Blood "Nothing But The Night"
The brutal murder of a woman, beaten to death with a steam iron, brings Tony back from a publicity tour for his latest book to join in on Carols investigation. More bizarre but completely different deaths follow, and Tony is bewildered, unable to create a profile for a seemingly schizophrenic killer. As he is stalked by a Canadian woman he met on the book tour, Tony realises they must focus on the relationships at work behind the crimes.Tony is not behaving well during a publicity tour for his latest book and Carol is causing ructions during a case review in York with her unsympathetic new boss Eden, when a bizarre murder intervenes to bring them home.Further deaths follow but the MOs are all so strange and so significantly varied that profiling suggests each one must be committed by a completely different person. And to make things more complicated the killer appears to be schizophrenic - both violent and childlike at the same time. Tony is baffled. Eden is piling on the pressure. And theres pressure of another sort when Tony attracts the unwanted attentions of Patricia, a Canadian woman he met during his book tour. Caught in a triangle between a potentially violent suitor and unwitting obstacle Carol, Tony discovers that the killings also reflect a triangle forged in repression and juvenile abuse.Tony and Carol must separate the method from the madness to understand the relationships at work behind the crimes. And Tony is forced to question just how equal his relationship with Carol really is. With Eden threatening action that Tony knows will lead to carnage, can he and Carol act in time to stop the killer from turning on his most longstanding victim, the person he ought to love?
Added on September 21, 2011
Episode 4
Wire In The Blood "Synchronicity"
Tony faces his own mortality when he is diagnosed with a brain tumour after being hit on the head by a criminal. While assisting Carol on an investigation into an anonymous sniper who is picking off victims in the city street, his behaviour becomes more erratic and his wild theories make Carol wonder if his health is making him unreliable. In a city gripped by fear, can random forces and chance save Tony - and help them catch this unpredictable killer?Hit on the head by a would-be murderer caught by his clever psychological outmanoeuvring, Tony wakes up in casualty to discover hes got a brain tumour. His behaviour doesnt initially strike Carol as particularly odd - hes always been eccentric - but the doctors say its down to chance whether his bizarre symptoms signify something fatal.While Tony faces his own mortality, an anonymous sniper picks off victims in the city streets. Despite every investigative effort the sniper eludes capture and the deaths seem meaningless and motiveless. The invisible killer seems to be taunting the police. Carol wants Tonys input but his theories about quantum physics and chaos seem wild enough to suggest hes becoming unreliable. As the deaths continue, Tonys behaviour becomes more erratic, the city is gripped by fear, and Carol faces an angry press.Trying to understand this killer forces Tony and Carol to question everything theyve learned, until Tony accepts that his own fate is governed by random forces and realises that the killers actions are dictated in the same way. Only by giving in to the laws of probability can he and Carol hope to catch the killer. And only by putting his own life on the line and trusting his psychological intuition can Tony gamble on survival.
Added on September 21, 2011