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Black Tide
Episode 2
Jack Irish "Black Tide"
Lifes gone pear-shaped for Jack Irish. Hes back to takeaway Vietnamese for one after his girlfriend Linda abandoned him for a career in Sydney, a flashy Brisvegas type is muscling in on the racetrack action, and his cabinet-making still leaves a lot to be desired. So when an old teammate of his dads turns up looking for help, its a welcome distraction for Jack. Des Connors son Gary has gone missing, having nicked off with all Dess money. But sometimes prodigal sons go AWOL for a reason. As Jack begins to dig he discovers Gary was a man with something to hide and a very good reason to disappear or be disappeared. Finding Gary turns nasty when Jack pushes the wrong buttons at the headquarters of a national transport company owned by one of Australias wealthiest men. Suddenly there is a disturbing number of faceless people in ill-fitting suits taking an interest in Jacks quest including Dave an obsessive federal agent and head of a clandestine operation called Black Tide.Meantime, Ricky Kirsch, a Brisvegas former horse trainer, is moving in on the turf of Harry Strang, Jacks friend and sometime employer. Ricky fixes races and hits on a dead mans wife at the funeral, but when he starts killing jockeys he crosses a line. The body count in Garys case is rising at an alarming rate. A missing webcaster, two overripe corpses in a long-term carpark and a dead Fed who has turned to consomm in a water tank all point to one thing Jack is in way over his head. It turns out Gary is a witness who could bring down a business empire and more. The race to find him becomes a lethal sprint. First prize staying alive.
Added on January 1, 1970